The Location and Related Problems Network is  group of researchers from Spanish and foreign universities working in the field of location and related problems. Initiated in 2002, with a history in the Spanish Group Location (GELOCA), the network currently has more than 130 researchers, divided into 8 groups of research, speaking Spanish and foreign universities. Its members have accumulated a wealth of experience on issues of location, network design, and transportation, as well as optimization techniques generally recognized internationally.

Location is an area of ​​research aimed at determining the optimal locations of suppliers of services, facilities, structures or objects of a certain type, so that certain goals are achieved. It has an inherent concept of space and its use, and is strongly linked to the areas of transport, communications and logistics. The aims pursued depend on the location of the object may be, for example, maximizing the benefits from the operation of the facilities to be located, to minimize travel costs, maximization of the population covered by a service points or minimizing these facilities produced by unwanted or adverse effects.

Network activities are focused on achieving several goals. The objectives are to promote and strengthen cooperation among researchers into the group, form relationships with other research groups, disseminate the results and to increase its presence in the international arena, as well as connect with the business world and society in general. With these objectives, the Network organizes the annual International Workshop on Locational Analysis and Related Problems, open to the participation of people interested in issues related to the area of ​​activity location.

The network is funded by the Government of Spain through BFM2002-10418-E (coordinated by Juan Antonio Mesa, Universidad de Sevilla), MTM2004-22566-E, MTM2005-24550-E and MTM2006-27490-E (coordinated by Elena Fernández, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), MTM2007-30163-E and MTM2008-02221-E (coordinated by Alfredo Marín Pérez, Universidad de Murcia), MTM2009-07290-E and MTM2010-12053-E (coordinated by Dolores R. Santos-Peñate), and MTM2014-53828-REDT (coordinated by Antonio M. Rodríguez-Chía).


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